About TechDream


TechDream was founded in 2002 to challenge the ever-growing EMC issues in today’s electronics industry. TechDream is a value added technical sales representative offering EMI/SI/PI simulation tools, EMC components and embedded capacitance material.

TechDream also has partners in Vietnam to develop and test EDA software as well as SCM network from PCB design to turn-key production.

- Mission Statement -
1. 3 Happiness – Happiness of Employees, Customers and Society
2. Pursue “Noise-Free World” with our latest EMC/SI/PI technology and contribute to environmentally-friendly world
3. Realize customers’ “Dream” with our latest EMC/SI/PI “Technology”
4. Bridge technologies between US and Asia to help American and Asian companies as well as universities
5. Establish educational institutions in developing countries and increase opportunities for employment

What’s New

EMC Open House at EMT Labs
Aprel presented EM-ISight which is a near-field EMI scanner.

“Amazing Blue Light” is coming!!!

Shinji Koizumi from Houston Japan presented “Amazing Blue Light” which is an EMI free wireless communication.

DesignCon 2011 FaradFlex
Bob Carter with Oak-Mitsui Technologies talk about the trend for using thinner core material, embedded capacitance material.

Above GHz PCB Design Solution: Dr. Takashi Harada with NEC gives tips on design solution for PCB above GHz.

Interview with EDACafe on EMIStream »